Kingdom Focused, Mission Driven, 
Church Friendly, Service Oriented,
Christ Centered, Prayer Supported, Bible Believing
A family of churches sent on mission for God's Kingdom
The Association is Churches Together on Mission
Spiritual Transformation - The process by which God saves and renews individuals and infuses them with the presence of the Holy Spirit of God to do His will.
Spiritual Synergy - The process by which believers exercise the habit of creative cooperation, valuing the differences in others, and showing respect in the Christian community.
Spiritual Unity - The result of transformed believers seeking God's face and cooperating together in a dynamic, creative way (synergizing) which as an end brings glory to God and strengthens His Kingdom.
Our Mission
It is the purpose of this body:
1.  To awaken and stimulate among the chruches the greatest possible activity in evangelism, missions, 
     Christian education, and benevolences.
2.  To cultivate closer cooperation among the churches.
3.  To promote harmony of feeling and concert of action in advancing all the interest of  the
     Redeemer's Kingdom.
Our Vision
A fellowship of churches that take seriously the Great Commission and have committed ourselves to sharing resources and experitise with each of our member churches, regardless of size, so that the Lord's commission may be accomplished.
The Church-First Paradigm Demonstrates
The association has no identity apart from its member congregations.
The association exits for the benefit of the churches.
The goal of the church-first model is healthy churches - call them Great Commission churches.
2015 Summer Camp Schedule
  Lakeview Baptist Assembly
NetXtreme Youth Camp #1 - June 8-12                                    
NetXtreme Youth Camp #2 - June 12 - 16
Girls' Mission Camp Younger - June 22 - 25
Girls' Mission Camp Older - June 23 - 26
Hispanic Youth Camp - July 3 - 8
RA District 10 Lad's & Crusader's Camp - July 10 - 13
Faith Explosion Children's Camp #1 - July 24 - 27
Faith Eplosion Children's Camp #2 - July 27 - 30

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