Kingdom Focused, Mission Driven, 
Church Friendly, Service Oriented,
Christ Centered, Prayer Supported, Bible Believing
A family of churches sent on mission for God's Kingdom
The Association is Churches Together on Mission
Spiritual Transformation - The process by which God saves and renews individuals and infuses them with the presence of the Holy Spirit of God to do His will.
Spiritual Synergy - The process by which believers exercise the habit of creative cooperation, valuing the differences in others, and showing respect in the Christian community.
Spiritual Unity - The result of transformed believers seeking God's face and cooperating together in a dynamic, creative way (synergizing) which as an end brings glory to God and strengthens His Kingdom.
Our Vision: 
A strong connection of healthy, reproducing, kingdom focused churches.
Purpose Statement:
The Gregg Baptist Association exists to facilitate connections among partnering churches.
Our Structure:
A fulltime Director of Missions
A nine-member Associational Leadership Team
Four Associational Workgroups:
      Resources - No leader without access to quality training
      Community - No person in need without access to quality training
      Relationships - No pastor or staff member without a friend
      Missions/Evangelism - No people without a witness
2015 Summer Camp Schedule
  Lakeview Baptist Assembly
NetXtreme Youth Camp #1 - June 8-12                                    
NetXtreme Youth Camp #2 - June 12 - 16
Girls' Mission Camp Younger - June 22 - 25
Girls' Mission Camp Older - June 23 - 26
Hispanic Youth Camp - July 3 - 8
RA District 10 Lad's & Crusader's Camp - July 10 - 13
Faith Explosion Children's Camp #1 - July 24 - 27
Faith Eplosion Children's Camp #2 - July 27 - 30

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